Measure your heart rate with PPG sensors in 3 minutes

Mawi Band is a portable wrist cardiograph, tracking your heart data daily and estimating more than 40 parameters of your heart. This is minimalistic and small, yet powerful tool for your wellness management. With advanced ECG technology, Mawi Band monitors your heart, understands its language, and provides you with advices for better lifestyle choices.

All you need is to touch a top metal contact with your finger, and ECG screening starts. It takes no longer than 3 minutes. If your skin is too dry at the moment, you can put two fingers on two bottom contacts and one finger of another hand on the top contact to have a good signal quality. As a result, you immediately receive a brief report on your current heart conditions, physical and emotional state delivered in simple words and followed by recommendations.

  • High Medical Accuracy
  • Developed by Medical Scientists and Physiologists
  • AI-Powered Algorithm

Core of the Mawi ecosystem is a number of AI algorithms, that process the heart data and provide you with the “translation”. Relying on 26 HRV indexes Mawi app may warn you in advance about the possibility of the heart diseases and suggest you taking a proper medical consultation from your healthcare specialist. Track the changes of your wellness condition day by day, manage stress level, avoid a burnout and other unpleasant consequences of the lack of information.

Mawi Band measures ECG using closed circuit of electrodes, while most of other wearables measure heart rate with PPG sensors. That’s why in terms of the ECG data accuracy and heart rate calculation Mawi band can be compared to a professional medical cardiograph.


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